Natalie not only provides the zest and vigour to the office but is also the backbone and chief organiser

After receiving a Bsc in Psychology, Natalie worked for a large law firm in their marketing department but decided to pursue a career in teaching. In moving back to the corporate environment, she was looking to transfer the skills she had learned within the classroom into the corporate sector and it could be said that organising a class of 30 has its parallels to the Provantage environment

Natalie’s role at Provantage is wide and varied but she predominantly enjoys leading communications and media relations as well as designing and creating key documentation. To Natalie, it’s all about delivering excellence. She loves the energy at Provantage, and loves working with such a dynamic and friendly team… “you can’t help but be inspired”

In her precious spare time, Natalie can be found seeking out her next adventure, learning to play the guitar, or creating the next pinterest sensation with her two young girls


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